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This shorty generator can run TV for full 4 hours and fans for 2 hours, fits in the bag

Solar Generator: If you do not have an inverter in your house and you are looking for a portable and economical power source in your home, then today we have brought you a powerful solar power generator which can run your home appliances for hours. 

Portable Generator:  The problem of power cut is very common in many cities and the power goes out for two to 4 hours a day. In such a situation, you are not able to use many appliances including TV and fan in the house. If you do not have a power source in your house, then you may have a lot of problems, even the education and writing of children can be affected. Keeping this in mind that this should not happen to you, today we have brought for you what kind of solar power generator which is not only portable but can run the appliances installed in your home for hours.

which is this generator 

Actually the name of the power generator we are talking about is SR Portables Solar Generator, you can buy it from Amazon which costs ₹ 17999. It is very small in size as well as you get a handle in it, due to which you can pick it up and take it anywhere. Its weight is very useful, so it is very easy to fix it anywhere. Wherever you need power, you can take it out and use it there.

Which devices can power supply

If we talk about power supply, then with the help of this portable solar generator, you can light LED bulb for 25 hours, run refrigerator for 3 hours, run a table fan for more than 2 hours, and you can run for more than 3 hours. Smart LED TV can run up to and can supply power to a laptop for more than 4 hours. Not only this, you can charge a drone for more than 10 times thanks to this solar power generator. Overall, it is designed to power the home appliances you use in your home and is a powerful product.

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