Monday, March 4, 2024

This scooter will run on water and not petrol, will run 55 kilometers in 1 liter fuel

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WardWizard Innovations unveils concept version of hydrogen fueled scooterImage Credit source:

Due to the increasing price of petrol and its limitation, its alternative is being searched all over the world. Electric scooters and bikes have also been launched in the market as an alternative to petrol vehicles, but due to their short range and time taken for charging, they are not given much importance.

In such a situation, a ray of hope has definitely been seen in the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024, which is neither an electric vehicle nor a vehicle running on gasoline like petrol-diesel. Actually, Wardwizard Innovation and Mobility Limited has showcased hydrogen powered scooter in this expo. Which gives a range of 55 km at a time. Apart from this, pedals are also provided in this scooter, which can be used like a bicycle if needed.

How does a hydrogen fueled scooter work?

WardWizard presented the concept version of the first scooter running on hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyzer technology at Bharat Mandapam at Pragati Maidan. This scooter can lay the foundation for clean and efficient mobility in the future, but at present it is in the research and development phase. But the hydrogen based fuel cell concept is going to play a big role in utility vehicles for the next generation users. The company has also recently partnered with A&S Power. Through which the company will work on Next Generation Li-ion Cell Technology and GAJA Cells.

Distilled water is required to run this scooter. With the help of one liter of distilled water, this scooter can be driven up to 55 km. At the same time, pedals have also been provided in the scooter for use in emergency, due to which it can also be used like a bicycle.

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