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This rule can send you to jail if the train chain is pulled, know the details

Train Chain Pulling Rule: Passengers are given many rights of travel by the Indian Railways. Along with this, many such rules have also been made, breaking which can also go to jail. If you are traveling in a train, even an unintentional mistake can cost you dearly. Today we are going to give you information about one such rule. This rule has been made for pulling the train chain.

Railway keeps emergency alarm chain in every train, so that passengers can use it in case of emergency. But most people use it unnecessarily. Even when there is no stoppage, the train is stopped at many places by using it. In such a situation, the Railways has made strict rules regarding this.

Can be jailed along with paying fine

While retweeting the tweet of Northern Railway’s Aarey to Ambala NRDRM, it was informed that if someone unnecessarily pulls the train chain, it will be considered a crime and for this the person pulling the train may have to go to jail. Taking action under Section 141 of the Railway Act 1989, a fine of Rs 1000 can be imposed on the person who stops the railway train. Apart from this, there can also be a jail term of up to 1 year. In some cases it can be both punishment. If there is a solid reason for pulling the chain of the train, then only it can be forgiven.

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Why does the railway take action

The train gets late due to the pulling of the train chain and the schedule of many trains gets spoiled due to the delay of the train. Most of the people should not misuse this facility, due to which the Railways has made this rule.

Train chain can be pulled due to this reason

    • If there is a fire in a moving train, you can pull the chain of the train.
    • If an elderly or disabled person is having trouble getting on board and the train is about to run, then the train chain can be pulled at such times.
    • If someone’s child is left at the station and the train is about to leave, you can use the emergency alarm check chain.
    • The chain can be pulled even in case of ill health of the passenger.
    • It can be used even if it is stolen.


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