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This Rs 579 device will make your home a space, stars will be visible in the dark

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Projector For Home: Cheap projector will get the job doneImage Credit source: Amazon

Your child is also talking about designing the room that stars should be visible in the room? After listening to this statement of the child, if you have also started thinking that how can a star be brought from the sky to the earth, it is not possible, then how to make the child happy? There is also a cheap solution for this, some such gadgets are available on Amazon and Flipkart which can solve this problem and make your children happy.

Yes, we are talking about Star Light Projectors available on Amazon and Flipkart. If your budget is low but you can still spend up to Rs 700, then even at this price you will get a projector with star light.

Gadgets For Kids Room:

you guys on amazon ROMINO Star Light Cosmos Projector will be available. The listing on Amazon shows that this device is being sold for Rs 579 after a discount of 42 percent.This projector will work as a Galaxy Night Lamp and a mechanism has been provided in this device with the help of which it helps in rotating 360 degrees.

Star Projector On Amazon

(Photo credit- Amazon)

Apart from Amazon, you can also buy such projectors from Flipkart. Sument Sky Starry Night Projector will be available on Flipkart, the listing has revealed that this device is being sold for only Rs 369 after a discount of 38 percent. According to the listing on Flipkart, in this device, customers have been given the facility to change 8 star light modes, night light mode and four colors.

Star Projector On Flipkart

(Photo credit- Flipkart)

Now the question comes that how to operate this device? Amazon and Flipkart have revealed that there are a total of three ways to operate this device, you can connect this device to the computer/laptop through USB. Apart from this, this device can also be connected through an adapter, if you do not want to go with both these methods then there is a method which is quite simple, you can also run this device through battery.

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