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This Royal Enfield bike ran on diesel and not petrol, mileage 80kmpl

Royal Enfield DieselImage Credit source: Royal Enfield

When we talk about motorcycle engine, there is no other option other than petrol. You may be surprised to know that bikes running on diesel engines have also arrived in the country. This bike was not made by any such company but by a leading motorcycle manufacturer like Royal Enfield. The name of this bike, launched in 1993, was Enfield Diesel, which was also known as Royal Enfield Taurus and Royal Enfield Diesel Bullet. This is the world’s first diesel bike to be manufactured on a large scale.

You already know the status of Royal Enfield in India. From the country’s independence till today, Enfield bikes are liked a lot. In 1993, the company launched the first diesel bike in the market. people are like that Royal Enfield He was a fan of Bullet, now he had a less expensive diesel Bullet. Diesel Bullet was sold heavily in India.

Mileage so much that it puts Hero Splendor to shame!

If we talk about the bikes with the best mileage at present, the name of Hero Splendor also comes up. Mileage is also one of the reasons why Splendor is the best selling motorcycle in the country. But the mileage of Royal Enfield’s diesel bike could surprise even Splendor. It is believed that Enfield diesel gave a mileage of 80 kilometers per liter.

Royal Enfield Diesel: Engine Specifications

The only diesel bike of Royal Enfield came with the power of 325cc engine. The company had fitted the diesel engine on the chassis of the Bullet that was running at that time. This bike was a bit slow in terms of speed. This bike came with a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour. Its weight was 196 kg, which was much more than the bullet’s weight of 168 kg.

Production did not stop even after closure

At that time diesel was much cheaper than petrol, hence Diesel Bullet was sold heavily. Being a diesel engine, it emitted black smoke, which caused more pollution. Due to this engine, the bike used to vibrate a lot, due to which there was a risk of back pain for the bike rider.

To control pollution, the government brought new emission laws, due to which it had to be closed. However, there was such a huge craze for this bike that even after the production was stopped, this bike continued to be made. When the production of Royal Enfield Diesel Bullet stopped, Punjab based tractor manufacturing company Suraj Tractors started manufacturing Royal Enfield Sooraj.


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