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This room heater comes with automatic function, will provide plenty of warmth at half the electricity cost.

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The body of this Crompton room heater is made from cool touch plastic.Image Credit source: Amazon

Automatic Room Heater: Electricity has become very expensive in many states of the country including Delhi-NCR. For this reason, electric companies have launched low power consuming gadgets in the market, in which you get inverter AC and automatic room heater.

While inverter AC is used to cool the room in summer, automatic room heater is used to heat the room in winter. At this time, winter is going on, in such a situation, if you are thinking of buying a new room heater, then you should buy an automatic room heater, because it gives you excellent warmth with less electricity consumption.

crompton room heater

Crompton’s Insta Comfort Heater room heater comes with automatic function. This room heater works in the same way as air conditioners work. Once this Crompton room heater heats the room, it switches off automatically. Due to which, as it does not run continuously, electricity is also consumed less. In such a situation, your electricity bill also reduces and your budget also does not get disturbed.

crompton room heater price

This Crompton room heater is listed on the e-commerce site Amazon for Rs 2400, which you can currently buy for only Rs 2190 at a discount of 9 percent. Apart from this, you can also buy this Crompton room heater at a monthly EMI of Rs 106.

Features of Crompton Room Heater

The body of this room heater from Crompton is made of cool touch plastic, which is ISI approved. A blower fan is also provided in this heater to provide hot air, which comes with overheat protection. If you are looking for a new room heater, then Crompton Insta Comfort Heater can be the best option for you.

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