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This part of the car will spoil the performance of the engine, check it properly and change it in minutes


Car Engine Air Filter: Car owners are worried about mileage all the time. However, there can be many reasons behind the poor mileage. One of them is the engine of your car. air filter Might as well be. The air filter of the car engine helps in maintaining the performance of the vehicle for a long time. If you check it from time to time, not only the condition of the car remains good but also the maintenance cost comes down. That’s why today we are telling you the complete way to change the air filter of the engine.

Change air filter in 5 steps

  1. Locate the Air Filter Housing: Open the bonnet of the car and locate the engine air filter housing. In most cars, the air filter is located in a black plastic box on the side or top of the engine. Now see that there will be a big hose coming out from the side of the box.
  2. Open the hose and take out the old filter: Now open the housing of the black plastic box and take out the old filter. Great care must be taken when removing the housing cover. All dirt and debris should be removed. Now check how the fasteners are and which tool will be needed to remove them. After removing the fasteners, remove the top of the air filter box and take out the filter.
  3. Correctly check the old filter: Now check the filter carefully for any dirt and grime. Also check inside the folded folds. If the filter is heavily covered with dirt and grime, remove the air filter. You can also try tapping to check the condition of the filter whether the dirt falls out or not.
  4. Install a new engine air filter: If the old air filter has become very dirty, then it is better to use a new filter. Place the new engine air filter in the filter box. Now insert it with a rubber rim from the top side. Make sure that the new air filter and rubber rim are properly installed.
  5. Put the housing and fasteners back in place: After placing the new air filter in the box, replace the top of the filter housing and the fasteners. Keep in mind that the top of the housing is properly fitted in its place. Apart from this, also check the fasteners that they are fixed properly.


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