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This New Electron Bot Malware Can Control Your Facebook, Twitter Accounts

Alarm bells are about to ring for users using social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Security researchers have discovered a new malware that can take control of a social user’s social media account. The effect of this malware is currently in about 20 countries. According to a report by Check Point Research, this malware named Electron Bot has been distributed to personal computers (PCs) through Microsoft Store. 

The security researcher’s report also states that this dangerous malware has also been found in many apps and games. According to the researcher, this malware was hidden in popular games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfer. 

This is how Electron Bot works

According to the report, this malware comes after downloading any game or app in PC or laptop. After the user downloads the game, it gets hidden in the PC after the scripts of the app or game are executed. This malware hides in a game or app so that it cannot be easily detected. 

After the malware arrives in the PC, it starts searching the position of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which the user is not aware of. Explain that SEO positioning is used by cybercriminals to optimize malicious websites. This malware can run promotions by seizing the user’s social media accounts.

According to the report of CPR (Check Point Research), this malware has been uploaded from Bulgaria through public cloud storage This malware started promoting on YouTube and SoundCloud accounts of a Bulgarian wrestler and soccer player. Not only this, till now Electron Bot has affected more than 5 thousand users around the world.


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