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This ‘mini fridge’ is very useful, also used as a warmer, cost less than 3 thousand

New Delhi: Temperatures are now rising in many parts of the country and people are also preparing for summer. Freeze is an essential device for cooling in hot sun, including coolers and air conditioners. If you are also thinking of buying a fridge / refrigerator this summer, there are many options in the market for refrigerators. From single door to instant ice cubes, you get a wide variety of refrigerators. But, today we are going to give you detailed information about Portable Refrigerator. You can also call it a mini fridge. What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ” This refrigerator can be very useful if you want to go for a walk or take a cold drink with you in the car. You can also use it in the office. This small appliance not only serves as a refrigerator but you can also use it as a warmer.

In it you get both hot and cold options. That way, you can cool the drink you want and also heat the water as you need it. Price of Mini Freezer: GEN Portable at affordable price on Amazon electric cooler You can buy it for just Rs 2,999. Its size is 10 x 10 x 10 centimeters. You can use this mini refrigerator with a capacity of 7 liters in the car. However, in this you do not get the option of freezer. How to use? GEN’s portable electric cooler allows you to connect your car via DC cable. Next to the DC port, you also get the option of hot and cool. With the help of which you can make it a portable refrigerator or warmer.

It also has cup holders at the top. The mini refrigerator has a capacity of 7 liters. In which you can put many things. This device can be used in office as well as in car. The GEN Portable Electric Cooler is available on Amazon at a 25% discount. Its listing price is Rs 3,999. G after listing discount is Rs 2,999. The GEN portable electric cooler weighs 490 grams and as per the list, this product is made in India.

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