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This is what happens on matrimonial sites

New Delhi: Nowadays, while everything has gone digital, bride-to-be research for weddings has also gone online. In the last few years, many matrimonial sites have sprung up in India and the trend of expanding online connections has also increased. However, many are taking advantage of this Matrimonial website There are many cases of cheating users by creating fake profiles on social media. If you are also planning this type of online wedding, you need to take some precautions. If you keep a few things in mind, you will not be deceived in this online trend of marriage. From such websites criminals are cheating in different ways. The first way is for fraudsters to contact you through websites.

In most cases, they claim to be living abroad. When they start talking, they send you presents. Once or twice the gifts come home, you believe too. Then one day they will come to India and tell you that they will bring a big gift for you. But, the opposite happens. Suddenly the customs department at the airport calls to catch them and you have to pay for their release. Often these people contact you through websites. Then the conversation escalates. After winning your trust, all of a sudden they ask you for money for some reason and they take your money and pass it on. In some cases, it has even been shown that frauds end a marriage. After a few days they run away with your money and jewelry.

There are more women cheating in such cases. Some precautions need to be taken to avoid this type of fraud. A few tips will help. If you have a friend on a matrimonial website and have started chatting with him, do not give him all your information while chatting. Avoid giving out personal and banking information in particular. You need to be careful if the person in front of the conversation asks you unnecessary questions. If you are going to meet for the first time in a relationship found on marital websites, you should avoid going alone. In such cases, meet in a public place without meeting in a hotel or restaurant. If the person in front asks for some money during the conversation, refuse immediately. If you are asked for money saying you are involved in a case like visa or customs, immediately refuse and report to the police.

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