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This is the world’s most expensive coin, knowing the price will blow your senses

New Delhi: There are many rare things in the world, the price of which amazes you. There are many types of such coins in the world, which remain the choice of antique people. There have been many coins which have made their owners billionaires. Actually, many people are fond of collecting rare things and for this they are ready to pay a big price. 

Collection of coins is the hobby of many people. Some coins are sold at auction at a very expensive price, while their value is very low. Let us tell you today about the CK which is the most expensive coin ever. That is, the most expensive coin ever sold in the auction.

Auction held for Rs 144,17,95,950 

The most expensive coin ever in the world is the 1933 Double Eagle gold coin (1933 Double Eagle gold coin). This is an American coin, whose face value, according to today’s exchange rate, is only $ 20 (Rs 1,525.71). But you will be stunned to hear its price at the time of auction.

last year’s auction

It is worth noting that last year Sotheby’s auctioned it in New York. The bid for this coin was made at Rs 144,17,95,950 ($18.9) in the auction. That is, this coin was sold for Rs 144, 17, 95, 950. Earlier on July 8, 2021, the same coin was auctioned for Rs 138 crore. Now you would definitely like to know what is so special about this CK. On one side of this precious coin is the picture of Lady Liberty of America, while on the other side the American Eagle is printed.

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Why is it so expensive?

Why is this coin so valuable? Actually, 1933 Double Eagle is the last gold coin minted in America for the purpose of circulation. Let us tell you that it was only molded in America, it was not even brought into circulation. The then US President Franklin D Roosevelt had banned the circulation of gold coins in the country at that time. And then after that he ordered the destruction of all the coins that were minted. Not only this, only the 1933 double eagle specimen was legally approved for private ownership by the US government. Sotheby’s has dubbed the 1933 Double Eagle the ‘Holy Grail of Coins’. 



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