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This is the real off-roading SUV! Sometimes the Thar was seen plowing the fields and sometimes moving in the water.

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Sometimes the Thar was seen plowing the fields and sometimes moving in the water.

Mahindra Thar means a cool off-roading SUV which is liked by almost everyone. Most of the youngsters like Thar very much in terms of style and off-roading. There are many fans of this SUV, however, this car is being praised more these days. Actually, Thar is doing wonders these days in which it has left all the cars behind. Some videos of Thar are going viral on social media. In these videos, sometimes Thar is seen plowing the fields and sometimes it is seen moving in water.

Know here how deep the Thar can drive in water and what is so special about it compared to other cars that it is everyone’s favorite. Also watch the viral video of Thar plowing fields and walking in water here.

Mahindra Thar

The design and features of Thar are quite powerful due to which it remains the choice of youngsters. The video of Thar walking in water is going viral. Actually, the hardcore off-roader comes with a water wading capacity of 650 mm. It has a powerful engine. Talking about its price, its ex-showroom price starts from Rs 9.99 lakh and goes up to Rs 16 lakh 50 thousand.

Viral video of Mahindra Thar

In the last few days, many videos have gone viral on social media but one of them was shared by Anand Mahindra himself on his Twitter account. In this video, it is clearly visible that the flood of Chennai could not do any harm to the Thar, the Thar driver is seen happily crossing the deep water.

Thar seen plowing the field

This video is a bit old but was becoming quite viral on the social media platform Instagram. In this video, Mahindra Thar is seen plowing the field. Looking at the video, it seems that the driver is not facing any problem while plowing the fields.

Apart from this, a video of Thar is going viral these days in which vehicles are seen standing on the road for a long time due to traffic jam in Himachal. But the surprising thing is that after escaping from this jam, Mahindra Thar is seen moving in deep water. However, the strength of the car also depends on the driving skills of the driver. One should avoid doing such stunts as there is a high possibility of an accident.


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