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This is the CEO of Zomato, waited for whose yes for 6 months, now left him and got married for the second time

The news of food delivery company Zomato’s CEO Deepinder Goyal secretly marrying his Mexican girlfriend Gracia Munoz for the second time is in the news. But do you know where his first wife Kanchan Joshi is these days and what she is doing?

Shark Tank India Season 3 judge and Zomato founder-CEO Deepinder Goyal has secretly married his Mexican girlfriend Gracia Munoz for the second time. Meanwhile, his first wife Kanchan Joshi is also being discussed. Kanchan Joshi is the same person for whose ‘yes’ Deepinder Goyal had chased him for 6 months. Let us tell this whole story…

Deepinder and Kanchan met while studying at IIT-Delhi. Both of them were students in Mathematics and Computing departments. Deepinder once told Forbes India in an interview that he had chased Kanchan for 6 months to hear ‘yes’ from her. Kanchan was doing MSc in Mathematics in those days, so they used to meet often in the lab.

Married in 2007, Zomato opened in 2008

Today Deepinder is known by the name of Zomato, but Kanchan had a hand in its beginning also. Deepinder and Kanchan got married in 2007. The next year i.e. in 2008, Deepinder and Pankaj Chadha started Zomato, then it was known as Foodibay. Deepinder used to say about Kanchan that she understands him well and there was no fight between them for years. This power couple gave birth to a daughter named Ciara in 2013.

What does Kanchan Joshi do now?

According to media reports, Kanchan and Deepinder have now separated. Kanchan Joshi currently works as an Assistant Professor in Delhi University. There is no news to confirm whether they both got divorced or not.

Meanwhile, Deepinder Goyal and Gracia Munoz are married. It is said that Gracia had come to visit India, during which she met Deepinder Goyal and later both of them dated for a long time. Both of them returned from honeymoon in the month of February itself.


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