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‘This is not Azad Kashmir, this is Pakistan occupied Kashmir’ What did the Kashmiris say in PoK?

POK Protest: Amidst the ongoing violent protests in PoK, the youth of Kashmir have given an open challenge to Pakistan, some youth of Muzaffarabad said that this is not ‘Azad Kashmir’ but ‘Pakistan Occupied’ Kashmir. The youth told that Pakistan always tries to portray Azad Kashmir. The youth said that February 5 is a kind of fraud, which is being done to Pakistanis.

Actually, Pakistan calls PoK as Azad Kashmir and for this Kashmir Day is celebrated on 5th February. The youth of PoK have raised their voice in conversation with Pakistani YouTuber Shoaib Chaudhary. Kashmiris said that Pakistan is only exploiting us and is not providing electricity to the people of Kashmir by making electricity from the water here. There is no development of any kind in PoK. The health and education system here is in poor condition, there are no good schools for children. Pakistan commits atrocities against the people of PoK.

Imran closed trade for Kashmir
Kashmiri youth said that we consider ourselves Kashmiris and consider Pakistan as our neighboring country. India and Pakistan keep fighting on the issue of Kashmir, our demand is that Kashmir should be liberated and good relations should be maintained with us. On this, Shoaib Chaudhary questioned that Imran Khan stopped trade with India for Kashmir and the whole of Pakistan is suffering the consequences of this. After all, Pakistan is ready to suffer even its own losses for you.

More development in India’s Kashmir
Responding, Kashmiri youth said that we do not want Pakistan to suffer any kind of loss for us. We also do not want India to suffer any loss for us. Kashmiri youth also believed that development in Kashmir, which is part of India, is better than in PoK. The youth of Kashmir told that if the youth here raises their voice after getting education, then they are given a government job, due to which they become silent. The poor and the working class do not have food, how can they raise their voice?

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