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This is how AI brought alive the characters of Ramayana, people were mesmerized after seeing the photos, said- Jai Shri Ram

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Pictures of Maharishi Valmiki’s entire Ramayana made with AI go viralImage Credit source:

To celebrate the inauguration of the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya, people are showcasing their various artworks on social media. While a man made a stunning replica of Ram temple using only matchsticks, many people have made idols of Lord Ram and Sita in their homes. Among such artworks, a digital artist has re-imagined the entire Ramayana using Artificial Intelligence (AI). When people saw the pictures made by AI, they said that it should be given the form of a book.

This amazing creation of digital artist Madhav Kohli is now becoming increasingly viral on social media. Many users on micro blogging site X have also asked him to release the book of this AI version of Ramayana. While sharing the pictures made with AI, Kohli wrote, ‘See the entire Ramayana of Maharishi Valmiki made with AI in less than 60 posts.’

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The characters of Ramayana are shown in colorful pictures in the pictures made by AI. It starts with the fierce form of Lord Ram, in which he is seen taking aim with the bow amidst fire and lightning. After this, those important scenes have been imagined one by one, seeing which people are saying that AI has brought the characters of Ramayana to life.

AI brings Ramayana characters to life

He shared it on January 22, which has been viewed more than 14 lakh times so far. Apart from this, there are more than 24 thousand likes and hundreds of comments on the post. Many users were so impressed by this creation of Madhav Kohli that the pictures are being viewed again and again.


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