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This is called humanity! A person came under the train, the crowd saved his life by pushing him in Mumbai local; watch video

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This video is from Vashi station in Mumbai.Image Credit source: Reddit/@Cat_of_Culture

You must have seen cars and buses being pushed many times, but have you ever seen a train being pushed? If you haven’t seen it, watch it now. Then we will explain to you what is the matter? At present, this video is spreading rapidly on the internet like wildfire. In the video, the crowd can be seen uniting together and pushing a Mumbai local train. But when you know their reason behind doing so, you will not get tired of praising them.

This video is from Vashi station in Mumbai, where the passengers started pushing the train itself to save a young man who came under the wheels of the train. It is being told that the young man slipped and got stuck between the platform and the train while boarding the train. After which the crowd present there united to show humanity and then started saving the young man. The video of this unique rescue operation is now going viral on different platforms of social media.

According to Mid-Day report, Railways has also confirmed the incident. However, Railways says that the young man was trying to cross the tracks on foot when this incident happened to him. Railways has also alerted the passengers to use footover bridges and underpasses for their safety.

Watch video here

Person got caught under the train, crowd pushes off the train and pulls them out. [SFW]

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