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This is called an expensive smartphone, 4bhk flat will come in Mumbai at the price of the phone, see the price

New Delhi:Most Expensive Smartphones Price: This year many companies have launched their flagship smartphones in the market and Apple and Samsung smartphones are going to hit soon. Whose price will be in lakhs. Currently, the price of Apple Phone 13 Pro Max is also the same. Samsung is not far behind. The company has Galaxy S22 Ultra. Which is worth more than one million. If you think, these phones will be the most expensive smartphones. So, wait, not at all. In addition, there are such smartphones. The price of which will surprise anyone. Let’s know about the top 5 most expensive smartphones in the world. The price of which is so high that even a bungalow can be bought at that price. See details.

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Pure Gold:

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Pure Gold is the most expensive smartphone in the world. It has only 7 phones made. The price of this phone is $122,000 i.e. 91 lakh rupees. If you order this phone in India, taxes and other charges will make the phone more expensive. The special thing about this phone is that it has 18 carat gold with diamond fit and that makes this phone very expensive. Its features are similar to iPhone 12 Pro. If you want luxury feel along with latest technology, this phone can be the best option for you.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Caviar Edition :

This is the second most expensive smartphone from Caviar. Its name is Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Caviar Edition. This phone was introduced in 4 variants. The device is offered in Gold, Diamond, Titanium and Pure Leather. The back of the phone is made of titanium. Apart from this, it also has two diamonds. The price of 128 GB storage variant of this phone is 20 thousand dollars i.e. 14.5 lakh rupees.

Goldvish Le Million :

The price of Goldwish Le Million is also in the range of crores. This device is manufactured by Goldwish, a Swedish company. In 2006, the Guinness Book of World Records considered this phone to be the most expensive phone in the world. 1.20 lakh pieces of diamonds have been installed in the body of this phone and 18 carat gold has been used. Its cost is around Rs 7.7 crore. Interestingly, the company produced only 3 of these models.

Gresso Losers Las Vegas Jackpot

This phone is one of the most expensive phones in the world. Its price is also in crores. The specialty of this phone is that 200 years old African blackwood has been applied to the back of the phone. Also, a 45.5 carat black diamond and 180 grams of gold have been set. The company has made only three models of this phone and the price of this smartphone is around Rs 7.1 crore.

Diamond Crypto:

The Diamond Crypto smartphone is priced in crores. The device is made by Austrian jeweler Peter Ellison and Russian firm JSC Encourt. 50 diamonds are installed on the side of this phone and 5 blue diamonds are also included in it. Its logo is also made of 18 carat gold. Its cost is around 9.3 crores. This phone also has high level encryption.

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