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“This is an extremely difficult task.” New Lada Vesta NG will be without automatic transmission and ESP

AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov answered a number of questions from Za Rulem magazine, providing new details about Lada Vesta NG cars. In particular, it was confirmed that even by March the company will not find all the necessary components, in particular, there will be no ESP and automatic transmission.
It will fully comply with the new generation Vesta that we presented in February and which, as far as I know, you have seen with your own eyes. We will try to keep as many options as possible, including ABS and airbags. We will introduce ESP a little later.
To the question of whether there will be an “automatic” in the car, he answered as follows: “Not yet. This is an extremely difficult task. If you develop a machine on your own, it will take at least three to four years. For this to be cost-effective, a large volume of output is required, and before that, expensive equipment must be purchased. But it is possible to produce a box under a license – in Russia or on the territory of the Customs Union, including in cooperation with other manufacturers. But this is no less than a year and a half.
The President of AvtoVAZ said that he had no doubts that in March 2023 the plant would begin mass production of a new generation Vesta. The first test body will be welded in early November. Then there will be a period of debugging the entire assembly process. The main thing is that engineering has time to resolve the issue with components.


If we are talking about first-tier suppliers, then the localization level of Vesta is about 85%. If you look deeper, taking into account sub-suppliers, then the percentage of localization is seriously falling.


As we have already reported, Russian automatic transmission will require investments in the amount of 30 billion rublesa new manual gearbox will cost 10 billion rubles.
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