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This is an easy way to identify fake news on Facebook, follow tips


It is easy to spot the fake news that is going viral on social media.
By following some tips, users could identify real and fake news.
In 2017 Facebook itself provided some ways to detect fake news.

New Delhi: The number of users using the social networking site Facebook in India is in crores. For the past few years, it is being seen that Fake News is spreading the most through Facebook. You must have also seen Fake ID and Facebook News in your timeline many times. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that you know about the methods of identifying fake news.

In view of the ever-increasing web of fake news, in the year 2017, Facebook itself gave information about some ways to detect fake news. At that time, Facebook had shared information about these methods by publishing advertisements in the major newspapers of the country. Today in this report we will give you information about ways to identify Fake News on Facebook…

  • Title : If the headline of any news seems too attractive, then you should be alert. Often the headlines of fake news are much more captivating and written in capital letters. Also exclamation marks are used in them.
  • Photo: Fake news can be identified by looking at the photo used in the news. The use of tampering and photoshopped images is seen in these news. These photos can be recognized by looking carefully.
  • URL: If the URL of the news is similar to that of any other source, then it is a sign of fake news. People spreading fake news do this kind of work by tampering with the URL of the original news.
  • Source: Whenever you see any news on Facebook, then definitely check its source. If the news is without source, then check the ‘About’ section of that website. Also make sure to cross check the source.
  • Format: Fake news often has very common spelling mistakes and the structure of the news is unusual. A website with such mistakes should not be trusted.
  • Date: The timeline of news can prove to be very beneficial in identifying fake news. The work of spreading fake news is done by changing with the dates. If you think that the news may be fake, then try to find similar news on Google.

Difference between news and entertainment
In today’s time, some websites also publish jokes, satire and stories in the name of news. In such a situation, only after reading the whole news, confirm about the veracity of the news. Just looking at the headline should not take the news as true.

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