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This is an AC jacket for those who are constantly out in the sun.

New Delhi: In summer, people resort to many ways to keep themselves and their home cool. People who live in the house keep their house cool by using air conditioner or cooler. However, people who stay out of the house for work. The only question is how they can protect themselves from this sun. Going out in the sun can also cause health problems. To avoid this, today we are going to inform the employees about a great product. Which even in the summer season AC Gives equal cooling. This product will come in handy while riding a bike or doing some work, even when buying vegetables for the house. Everyone knows about cooling devices like AC, fan, coolers, portable AC. But, people rarely know about jacket AC. Let’s find out in detail.

Jacket air conditioner:

Amazon offers cool air conditioning jackets. The jacket is of ARRIS brand and features 5V USB. This AC jacket has 4 fans. Not only this, it is also a UV resistant product. The jacket looks just like a normal jacket and you can wear it the same way. If we talk about its price, this jacket is available on Amazon for around $ 39.98. Speaking of looks, this jacket is very stylish to look at. It will also have different size options.

What’s special:

This AC jacket is battery powered. And you can use it for many hours by charging it. This AC jacket features two large sized ventilation fans. What’s more, these fans provide ventilation in your jacket and you can easily wear it in the sun and feel cool. By wearing this jacket, you can easily work for hours even in the sun. The specialty of this jacket is that you can wear it even during workout, the device can be a good product for the players.

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