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This is a government portal that sells products much cheaper than Flipkart and Amazon, see details immediately.

New Delhi: In India, you Amazon And Flipkart Similar e-commerce sites offer products at very reasonable prices and that is why these sites have been in trend for many years. Here you can easily find products and order from your home. You have to pay a very small amount for this. But, even on a government portal, items can be found at lower prices than Amazon and Flipkart. You may not have thought of that. But, it is very true. Because, there is a government portal that sells products with big discounts. In addition, it pays special attention to the quality of the products. Gem There is a government market place called. Which sells high quality products at a lower price than other e-commerce sites. Not only do you get a wide range of products here, but they also cost less than other e-commerce sites.

Many people still do not know this market place. Today we are going to tell you about this portal. You may be surprised to know that the economic survey conducted in 20211-22 has revealed 10 such products. G, made available on this government portal at a lower price than other e-commerce sites. The low price here does not mean that the quality of the products is compromised. The products that are cheaper are the best quality products. A total of 22 products were compared. This includes products on this portal as well as products on other e-commerce sites. These 10 products differed in price by 9.5% compared to other sites. This is definitely a big difference. Customers will benefit a lot if they buy products from this portal. Most people are not aware of this government e-marketplace, so they visit other e-commerce sites to purchase these products.

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