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This iPhone store is in discussion, Harsh Goenka has shared the video, people said – this can happen only in Japan

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Harsh Goenka has praised Japanese culture a lot.Image Credit source:

Harsh Goenka, owner of CEAT Tyres, is one of those industrialists in the country who is very active on the social media platform X (earlier Twitter). Goenka often remains in the news among his followers for his interesting and informative posts and videos. Now he has taken the help of X to express his appreciation towards Japanese culture through a video. Believe me, you will also be surprised to know about the facts related to the video.

Industrialist Goenka has shared a video of an Apple store in Japan. It shows that the iPhones in the store are not tied with anti-theft codes and are kept in the open. Whereas this is not seen in other countries including India. Here, to prevent theft, electronic gadgets are generally protected with anti-theft code. It can be seen in the video that the customer can comfortably hold the iPhone in his hand and look at it. The industrialist has tried to show through this video how honest the Japanese are.

Watch the video of Apple Store here

The industrialist has written, unlike every other country in the world, iPhones are not tied in Apple stores in Japan, because they know that no one will steal it. So, isn’t this a great reflection of Japanese culture? The post has been viewed more than 81 thousand times so far, while many people have registered their reactions. The video has shocked people.

One user wrote, This is a very impressive reflection of trust and respect! Japan’s culture is also reflected in the way they display their iPhone. Others say, ‘When people are honest it builds stronger relationships.’ Creates a sense of credibility. Honesty promotes accountability and ethical behavior, which are important for a harmonious society. Another user has commented, ‘Japan has developed this culture. I have seen.’

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