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This Inverter LED Bulb provides non-stop 4 hours of light even after the light goes out, at a very low price

New Delhi: Rechargable LED Bulbs: Many homes use LED bulbs that provide better lighting with less energy consumption. These bulbs turn off immediately when the power goes out, which is normal. But did you know that there are bulbs currently available in the market that do not switch off and continue to emit light even when the power goes out? If you’re wondering what these bulbs are, they are rechargeable LED bulbs that stay lit even after a power outage. They are also called inverter bulbs and have become very trendy in the market. If you are thinking of buying it, today we are going to tell you about it.

Halonix Prime 12W B22 Inverter rechargebale Emergency led Bulb:

You can buy Halonix Prime 12W from Amazon. Talking about its price, consumers can buy it for just Rs 595 as compared to normal LED bulbs. It costs almost twice as much, but despite this, they are much better than ordinary LED bulbs and can give you hours of light. These LED bulbs are so powerful that they stay on for about 4 hours after a power outage and you can use them in an emergency. Interestingly, they do not require separate charging and are automatically charged.

What is special?

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Talking about the features, this bulb provides 4 hours of continuous lighting backup during power cuts. It has a powerful lithium-ion battery. It takes 8-10 hours to charge. This 12 W inverter will charge automatically when the emergency LED bulb is turned on. It can be used in your study/drawing room and bathroom in your home, retail shops and hospitals. You get 6 months warranty in this.


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