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This Indian company launched the pre-converted Ignis Electric car, will get a range of 240 km

Pune-based EV research and development company Northway Motorsport is known for launching EV kits for petrol cars. But now, the company has already launched a new Maruti Suzuki Ignis car in electric. Yes, the company will give you an Ignis car, which will have already been converted to electric. This will be a completely new car, which will have been run for 0-50 kilometers for testing. According to the company, the registration process will be completely new. For those who do not know, let us tell you that Northway Company has already made electric kits for many vehicles, which can be booked from their website. The new Ignis Pre Converted Electric car comes in two battery packs, a base model and a long range model. The long range model can cover a distance of 240 km on a single charge.

Northway Motorsport has launched the pre-converted electric 2022 Maruti Suzuki Ignis Alpha MT car. This will be a brand new Ignis car, which the company will convert into an electric car. However, the company says that it will not get the warranty given by Maruti Suzuki. In return, the company will give a warranty of 60,000 km or 2 years from its side. As we mentioned, there will be two types of battery pack options with this, one of which comes in the name of Drive CT. With this pack you will get Ignis car for Rs 12,50,000 and this pack gives a range of 120 Km in a single charge. This is followed by a long range model called the Inter CT with a range of 240 km. The price of this pack is Rs 14,50,000. The car is the company’s official Website Can be booked from

In terms of power too, the company has described this model as very strong. The pre-converted Maruti Ignis Electric is currently offered with a manual transmission. In this, the car will get a peak torque of 170Nm, on the basis of which the top speed of the car will go up to 140 kmph (kmph). This kit can also be charged at home with a charging station. The company claims that it can take 3 to 7 hours to fully charge the kit. The car will be equipped with ABS, EBD, Airbags (driver and passenger).

The company says that the registration will take place only in Maharashtra and will not come with Maruti Suzuki’s warranty. Also, the customer will get the car after 2-3 months of full payment. Apart from the no, customers can also opt for the second hand model, which will be slightly cheaper than the new car.


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