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This heating AC of only Rs 6700 will heat the whole house in minutes, gets fitted in the wall

Wall Heater: To keep the house warm in winter, people bring different types of heaters, but they get heating only in a limited area. However, today we have brought such a heater which works like an AC and can keep the whole house warm.  

Heating AC:  Many times the house becomes very cold during the winter season, let us tell you that in such a situation, children and the elderly have a lot of problems in the houses and no matter how many heaters you put in, but the coolness remains. This is because the heater only heats a limited area. Although today we have brought for you a heating device that works just like an air conditioner but fills your entire house with warmth in the blink of an eye.

which is this heating device

The device we are talking about is actually called Wall Heater and it is called Weltherm Wall Heater WM SCORCHER 2000w on Amazon and customers can buy it for ₹ 6700. This heater can be easily mounted on any wall of the house and it works in the same way as any air conditioner works but the only difference is that it acts as a fitting and the air conditioner is for cooling. Works. The biggest feature of this device is that due to this, the house can be heated in a few minutes and at the same time it does not allow the temperature to rise excessively.

Specifications and Features 

Talking about the specifications and features, customers will get PTC heating element along with double heating power setting of 1000/2000 Watts, fan mode for cool air, built in timer for 12 hours, over heat protection, safety tip over switch and more. Adjustable oscillating function is offered. This is a powerful heater for winters that consumes less electricity than a regular heater and works to keep your entire house warm at a faster rate.

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