Monday, March 4, 2024

This has been amazing! Satisfied with ChatGPT and then got married, this is how AI created a wonderful couple

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AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is constantly in discussion. With its arrival, the hard work of humans has been completely halved. Overall, it seems as if every difficulty is going to become easy through Artificial Intelligence. Many veterans are continuously alerting about the misuse of AI, but still in today’s time people are using it a lot and making their lives easier. A similar story has come to light in recent times. In which a boy has claimed that he has used ChatGPT to impress a girl.

The matter is said to be of Russia. Here a man has claimed that he found his wife through AI. This may sound strange to you but it is completely true. According to Russian news agency RIA Novosti, 23-year-old software developer Alexander Zhadan used ChatGPT and many other AI bots on dating apps like Tinder, so that he could find a wife like him.

AI made work easier?

While talking to the media, Jadan said that he prepared these bots in such a way that the person in front does not feel that any technology is working. With its help, the bots first shortlisted more than 500 girls. After this, some filters were applied on them too and then 50 girls were left. After which I talked to him on a personal level and then I selected a woman named Kareena. After which I married him.

Jadan further said that when Kareena and I came live, we did not have much problem in interacting with each other. As soon as I talked to him, I understood that God had made it for me. After this I proposed her and then we both got married to each other.

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