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This galaxy changing its form after colliding with small galaxies, James Webb Telescope captured in pictures

The largest telescope deployed in space, the James Webb Telescope, is bringing new discoveries to the world one after the other. The telescope has gathered information on movements in a galaxy located 500 light years away. This space-moving observatory has obtained new information about the formation of stars and chemical compounds in the Cartwheel Galaxy. In addition, the telescope has seen the most distant galaxy to date. This galaxy, located about 35 billion light years away, currently looks like a red spot. However it is yet to be confirmed.

telescope into distant space Capture photos are of. These show how this galaxy has gone through changes over billions of years. The images reveal that the Cartwheel Galaxy is undergoing changes. Astronomers say that this galaxy was once a spiral like the Milky Way, but it has changed due to collisions with smaller galaxies. These changes will continue in the future.

The James Webb Telescope, located about 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, has surprised the world with many pictures since July 12. Using its Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam), it has captured some of the best pictures of distant space. The US space agency NASA has said that this galaxy shows many different blue dots, which are either stars or pockets associated with the formation of stars. In addition, the Webb Telescope’s Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) has revealed that silicate dust is also present in this galaxy in addition to hydrocarbons and other chemical compounds.

It is worth noting that on July 12 last month, the first picture taken from this telescope was revealed to the world. In this the distant universe was shown in the best way. This galaxy cluster, named SMACS 0723, was known as the first deep field of the James Webb Telescope. NASA launched this telescope in December last year. The construction of James Web cost $10 billion (about Rs 75,330 crore). Till now this telescope was setting itself in space. This work has now been completed.

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