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This fish makes a louder sound than a gunshot! The size is as much as a man’s nail, scientists are surprised

Can you imagine that the world’s smallest fish can make a sound as loud as a gunshot? This is true! Scientists have found one of the world’s smallest fish that can scream as loudly as a gunshot. Its name is Danionella cerebrum which is just as big in size as a human nail. It is found in the streams of Myanmar.

The length of the fish is only 12mm. Scientists are saying that this fish produces a sound of 140 decibels (dB). But much more than that. Researchers say that this fish is the loudest fish ever. The Guardian According to the report, researchers used a high speed camera to understand the mechanism of its sound production. related study PNAS Has been published in the journal. This experiment was conducted by scientists from Charite University in Berlin, who say that the fish has a unique sound production system. Which has a drumming cartilage, special ribs, and non-fatiguing muscles.

Under the mechanism, the fish can hit the drumming cartilage with great force, and can produce such a sound. Its sound is like that of an ambulance or siren. There are many other species that can produce sound, but the special thing about Danionella cerebrum is that it is transparent. Can be seen inside its body. Scientists are saying that the working process of the fish’s brain can also be seen clearly.

According to BBC report, scientists noticed something strange while working with fish in a German lab. People were hovering around the fish tank because they were hearing sounds. They were wondering where the voices were coming from. Due to this, the attention of University Professor Verity Cook came towards this. Upon study it was found that the sound was coming from the fishes only. The surprising thing was that the fish was very small in size, yet it was able to produce so much sound. However, scientists have not yet clarified why these fish produce such sounds.


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