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This filter makes AC an Air Purifier, the price is just like a fan


New Delhi. In the summer season, people pay maximum attention to buying AC. But in the winter season, there is no work of the same AC. Now a new filter has come and by using it you will be able to use AC even in winters. So let us also tell you how you can use this Air Filter? Along with this, there will be many questions in your mind about its cost, today we are going to tell you all the things-

The specialty of the Air Filter is that it cleans up to 99% of the polluted particles present in the air. Also, it can be fitted with the Indoor Unit of AC. To use it in winter season, you can use AC on Fan Mode. This will also reduce your AC pollution and you can save a lot of money as well. If the pollution becomes more in this season, then it can be used to the maximum.

It has been invented by the students of IIT Kanpur and the marketing license of the air filter has been taken by the start-up company AiRTH. Now let’s talk about what you are eagerly waiting for, i.e. the price. The price of this air filter has been fixed at Rs 2,000. The name of this product has been named ‘Clean Air Module’ and you can buy it from the company’s website. This product can also be purchased under the fast delivery option.

If we talk about other similar filters which are also available in the market now, then their cost is very high. Also, they do not work so well. IIT Kanpur students have made the filter to control PM 2.5 and PM 10. In such a situation, this filter is not going to prove less than a panacea for such people in cities where there is a lot of air pollution or respiratory disease.

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