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This fan will cool a hot smartphone like a furnace in the blink of an eye! Price less than Rs 1,000

Smartphone Cooler: It is very important to keep the smartphone’s temperature fine because if it is not done, the smartphone starts to malfunction and its sensitive parts start having problems, This device works to prevent this from happening.

Smartphone Cooling Fan: You noticed that some smartphones get hot enough after using a few minutes. There is no firm reason why this happens in smartfons, but this problem is usually seen. If the smartphone is a little too much then there is not much problem but it happens continuously and it happens for a long time then it can become a problem. Not only this, due to overheating in the smartphone, it can also burst. If this is happening with your smartphone too, then it is a matter of concern and today I brought a strong device for you keeping in mind that this should not happen You can control the temperature of the smartphone using it.

Which is this device 

The device we are talking about is Vero Forza Arctic Gaming Accessory Kit and is a smartphone cooler. It is bought so much that its stock on Flipkart is over which will be available again in some time. This smartphone is so small in cooler size that even if you keep it in your pocket, no one will know. In this smartphone cooler you get a snap on clip, which allows you to attach it to the back of your smartphone and the same part is the hottest Because the battery is located here. Once you attach it to the smartphone, all it has to do is power on and it starts doing its job and cools the smartphone. It is a very effective device and reduces the temperature of the smartphone by several degrees within minutes. If you talk about its price, customers can buy it from Flipkart only in ₹949.

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Specifications and features

If you talk about specifications and features, then in this cooler you get a high speed fan which runs through a motor. In this file you also get to see RGB lighting, due to which you can use it in the night time also. You also get a USB Type C power cable which allows you to power it. Or the cooler is made of strong plastic material so that you can use it for years and there is no damage of any kind. 


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