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This electric cycle will run 25 km at the cost of just Re 1, will get a range of 150 km on full charge

Along with electric scooters and bikes, the demand for electric bicycles is also increasing in the market. Realizing this need of the people, Voltrider, a startup company that makes electric bicycles, has launched its new electric cycle ‘Booty’. The design of this electric bicycle is such that it has a glimpse of both a bicycle and a moped. The company has introduced it in three variants – Booty 120, Booty 60 and Booty 30. All the bikes of the company are equipped with Pedal Assist feature.

Booty 120 is the top model e-cycle in which the company has used a 36 Ah battery pack. In this, the rider gets a range of 90-100 kms on battery only and 130 to 150 kms on pedal assist mode on full charge. The company has priced the Booty 120 at Rs 45,000.

Talking about Booty 60, a lithium-ion battery of 24 Ah has been used in it. It can be driven for 55 to 60 kilometers on battery power only. At the same time, with the help of pedal assist feature, it can be run for 75 to 80 kilometers. It has been made available in the market for a price of Rs 37,000.




Booty 30 is the entry-level electric cycle in this range which has been made available at the lowest price of Rs.30,000. This e-cycle can give a range of 25 to 30 km with the help of only battery. At the same time, it can be driven up to 45-50 kilometers on pedal assist mode.

booty 30

All electric bicycles in the Booty range have a seating capacity of two. Apart from passenger, this electric cycle can also be used for courier and delivery. The company claims that the cost of running this electric cycle for 25 kilometers is only Re 1. Accordingly, it can be driven for 100 kilometers every day at the cost of Rs 100 per month.

All Booty electric cycles are limited to a top speed of 25 km/h and take 3.5 hours to fully charge. The Booty 120 comes with a fixed battery, while the Booty 60 and Booty 30 come with a removable battery. These cycles are capable of lifting a weight of 140 kg.

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