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This economical and stylish car will run on the power of the sun, neither the tension of petrol nor the hassle of charging

German startup company Sono Motors has presented the production design of the new solar powered car The Sion. The company has also confirmed that the production of this car will start from 2023. The problem of electric cars is only range, but now solar powered cars charged with new energy can overcome this problem as well.

The Sion has been in the works for many years and it has the potential to become a truly green car because it will use the power of the sun to charge the battery. This car is completely covered with solar panels. It has 456 solar cells which can provide a driving range of about 112 km in a week. Let us tell you that this is different from the battery range of the car. Talking about the battery range of the car, it is around 300 kms in a single charge.

However, no details related to the performance of this car have been revealed yet. Sono Motors plans to produce 2.5 lakh units of The Sion in 7 years. It has also been told that it has already made about 19,000 bookings and the booking amount is $2,225.

The Sion may have an extended range due to the solar panels, but the details will be clear only when this car arrives. The Sono Motors vehicle could cost around $25,000, which would make it much cheaper than the only battery options offered by Tesla and Volkswagen.

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Let us tell you that many other companies are also working on their technology on a large scale to make solar powered vehicles, including Dutch firm Lightyear and California-based Aptera. However, unlike others, Sono Motors plans to cater to private customers as well as fleet service with The Sion.


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