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This device will reach the destination itself if the way wanders, clicks pictures as soon as it fits on the bike

New Delhi. Garmin International has added two new products to its range of cycling products. These include state of the art GPS cycling computer and a rear view radar with built in camera and activated taillight. The name of the GPS cycling computer is Edge 1040 Solar. Many great features have been given in it. Apart from this, the name of the radar camera is Varia RCT 715. Both these products can be purchased from Garmin brand stores, Amazon India and Synergizer. Know about the special features of both these products.

Edge 1040 Solar

The Edge 1040 Solar will feature Garmin’s trademark Power Glass technology. It offers 100 hours of battery life in battery saving mode and 42 minutes of extra battery time per hour for sun cycling users during the day. Apart from this, multi-band GNSS technology is also seen in this device, due to which accurate GPS position is available.

Cyclists benefit greatly from this feature in challenging environments. Custom ride profiles can be created using riders’ old edge data, ride type and sensors. With this, the cycling activity can also be managed through the smartphone. To manage this, the Garmin Connect smart device app will be required.

With the help of Firstbeat Analytics in the Edge 1040 Solar, many important insights can be seen through these insights like options like recovery time, training load, training focus and VO2 max, and it can be found out that the user’s body How are you reacting to the training?

The Edge 1040 Solar is designed to enable users to navigate in cities and remote areas with ease. Apart from this, many advanced navigation tools have also been given in it, which includes features like turn by turn navigation, which warns the passengers in advance about the dangerous turn on the approach.

While riding a bike or cycling, the Edge 1040 Solar also informs riders about how their body is reacting to different temperatures and environments with notifications. Apart from this, the Edge 1040 also gives solar notifications regarding refuel or hydration.

Apart from this, with the help of Garmin’s built in safety and tracking features, users can send real time location to their close ones. Apart from this, close users can also check the complete pre-plan course route through Detection, Assistance and Live Track feature. It also has a group messaging and tracking feature, through which users can easily connect if they have separated from the group while riding. The price of this product is Rs 72,990.

Varia RCT715 (Varia RCT715)

The Garmin Varia RCT715 aims to provide cyclists or bike riders with a hassle-free cycling experience. It consistently captures sharp, clear video during the ride, no matter what time of day it is going on. This video footage can be easily accessed and the camera settings can also be customized. Through this, clear footage of 1080 pixels / 30 fps can be captured easily.

Visual and audio notifications have been offered to the users in the Varia RCT 715. It specifically gives notifications of vehicles approaching from the front. The tail light present in this device can be seen from a mile away. Due to this, drivers on the road will be able to see the cyclist before the radar can see the vehicle.

Many multiple pairing options will be seen in Varia RCT 715. In addition to the Garmin Edge bike computer, it can also be connected to the Garmin smartwatch and Varia smart device app. In addition to being paired with a compatible smartphone, the device can integrate with third party apps.

The Varia RCT 715 will get 4 hours of battery life with radar and taillight night flash, while the radar and tail light on day flash option will get 6 hours of battery life. The special thing is that during this time continuous recording can be done in the camera 1080 pixels. The price of Varia RCT 715 Radar Camera is Rs 40,490.

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