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This creature is its own doctor, its way of eating is also strange, unique qualities make it special.

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Even today, there are many such mysteries hidden in the ocean, which are yet to be discovered. There are many such creatures here whose characteristics are really very strange. This is the reason why whenever news related to such a creature comes out, it immediately goes viral. Now these days one such creature is in discussion among the people. Knowing about which you will surely beat your head. Nature has made this creature so special that you cannot even think about it.

We are talking here about the starfish, this creature is so strange that if any part of its body gets separated then it gets rebuilt again. More than two thousand species are found on this earth. Many colours, shapes and types can be seen in the sea. In common parlance it is also called sea star. If you talk about their size, they are approximately 10 to 30 cm.

everything but no brain

Although nature may have made it its own doctor, this creature does not even have a brain of its own, yet it has an excellent nervous system. Apart from this, he is the only such creature. Who has no blood in his body. The interesting thing is that instead of blood in their body, only sea water keeps flowing in their body because their skin is made of calcium carbonate.


Let us tell you that many species of starfish are like this. In which a sharp thorn-like shape grows automatically. Due to which any predator of the sea stays away from it. With all this, if you look at this creature carefully, you will understand that they do not have eyes, but the truth is the opposite. A starfish has as many eyes as it has arms in its body.

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