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This cooler will do so much cooling, it will be necessary to wear a sheet

New Delhi: in the past few years air cooler ,Air Cooler) has added quite a few new ones. Now these are no longer economical options of AC, because now they are also getting expensive. Yes, now they help in saving electricity bills, but have become hi-tech due to more features. Modern time coolers provide more smart features to the users. Many of these fix some of the biggest problems users used to have with coolers. However, buyers may have to pay a little more for these coolers. Let us know about 10 features of these advanced coolers:

humidity control

Air coolers generally do not work in humid conditions. In fact, they contribute to making the atmosphere more humid. Some modern coolers come with a ‘Humidity Control’ feature that allows users to adjust the flow of water over the cooling pad to better manage the humidity level according to the climate.

auto fill
Auto fill is another essential feature that comes with the air cooler. This means that users no longer need to worry about emptying the water tank at midnight. But yes, for this, users will have to connect the cooler to the water source.

auto drain
Removing old and dirty water from air cooler has always been a boring task. The auto drain function fixes this problem. It allows users to automatically remove water from the cooler.

mosquito net or insect net
Mosquito nets or insect nets are another new addition to the air cooler. This net prevents mosquitoes and other insects from entering the cooler.

Wi-Fi connectivity
Like other home appliances, the air cooler has got smart features. Coolers today are available with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows users to control their operation via a smartphone. Smart capabilities in the cooler include turning it on or off, turning on swing mode, and more.

Alexa and Google Assistant voice command support
Modern coolers now also support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands, allowing users to control it using their voice.

PM 2.5 Filter
Some coolers also function as air purifiers with built-in PM 2.5 filters. This confirms that the surround is clean and dust free.

touch button control
Another major change in the air cooler is the introduction of touch buttons. This is usually found in coolers that come with the remote control.

motor overload protection
Motor overload protection is a safety check that protects the air cooler motor from damage. This feature is intended to help during sudden surges of electric currents. Similarly, it also protects the motor in case of running out of water.

temperature performance
Another new feature that the modern cooler offers is a dedicated temperature display that shows the current temperature of the surrounding area.

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