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This cool electric car of Mercedes will run 1 thousand kilometers in a single charge!

The demand for electric vehicles is catching up all over the world and car makers are now focusing more on EVs. In this race, the German auto company Mercedes-Benz has included another electric car of its own. Mercedes has introduced its concept electric car Mercedes Vision EQXX. Mercedes has claimed that the new EQXX can deliver a range of around 1,000 km on a single charge. The design of the car is very attractive to look at and looks quite innovative. According to the company, the car uses a material made from mushroom fiber, cactus leaves and food scraps, etc., which makes it very durable. Mercedes claims that this car will be more energy efficient than the Tesla Model S Long Range.

The company has introduced its new electric car Vision EQXX at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 in Las Vegas. No information has been given about when the company will start production for the Mercedes Vision EQXX yet. Regarding the Vision EQXX, the company has claimed that it can go up to a range of 1000 km in a single charge. To reach this range, 95 percent of the car’s battery power will be used.

Mercedes Benz has given an attractive and luxurious look to the car which makes it look quite futuristic. Regarding its battery, it is said that it will consume less than 10 kWh of power per 100 kilometers. The Vision EQXX is set to be Mercedes-Benz’s highest-end range electric car ever. The company says that it wants to be at the forefront of the electric vehicle segment and the Vision EQ2 has been built keeping this goal in mind.

According to the report, the Vision EQXX concept electric car will come with an aerodynamic design. At present, Mercedes-Benz EQS is considered to be the most driven car. EQS 770 kms on a single charge range can be given. Now the EQXX is being launched with a range of 1000 km, which will make it the company’s highest range car till date. The Mercedes EQXX is an all-around concept EV that looks quite impressive.

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