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This chip will make old smartphone ‘iPhone’, will start giving bullet train like speed in just 1500

New Delhi. If you are also facing the Hanging Issue in the smartphone, then you have to adopt some methods, due to which the speed of your phone will be very fast. There are many options available in the market for this. Today we are going to tell you about such a device which you can fit with your phone and its speed will be like a brand new phone.

A motherboard has been launched for the phone in China, it is quite small in size and its specialty is that it doubles the speed as soon as it is paired with the motherboard of the phone. If you want to buy this Mother Board then you have to buy it from Chinese website Alibaba and its size is also very small but you have to take help of an engineer to get it fit for you.

After seeing this motherboard made for the phone, you will get an idea that it looks like the computer, usually it has been prepared as the motherboard is made for the computer, but after installing it, your phone will give the speed like new. At the same time, its price is also very less, if we see it in Indian rupees, then it is going to cost you 1500 rupees.

You have to go online to order this device If you order today it will take 25 days to arrive from China and you have to pay Rs 3000 separately for delivery. Also some tax will be levied on it. The demand for this chipset has increased a lot in India, which is why China has launched this new device to increase the speed of the phone.

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