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This boy from Pune did what the good guys couldn’t do, Apple gave a prize of 5.6 lakhs

New Delhi:Many have heard the name of Bug Bounty program. Under this program, many tech companies reward the person who finds the problem (bug) in their product. One such bug has been discovered by Ashish Dhone. Apple has announced a reward of 7 thousand dollars to Ashish Dhone, which is about 5 lakh 58 thousand 890 rupees. This award is given for the discovery of Blind XSS.

Ashish said that he had earlier hacked the Apple Teacher Learning Center portal. Later, Apple made necessary changes to this portal. Even after this he hacked the portal and showed it. After this bug, Ashish informed the Apple company. After this the company has announced the reward to Ashish.

Details shared on LinkedIn
According to Ashish’s LinkedIn profile, his name is included in the top 120 list of World Google Hackers. He has also got the title of Bung Hunter in 2021. Along with his LinkedIn post, Ashish has also added a screen shot of Apple’s mail. In which there is a reward for reporting bugs. The email sent by Apple said that the report you sent has been qualified for the Apple Security Bounty. Apple is announcing a $7,000 reward for you. This is not the first time. Many have already been rewarded under the bug bounty.

The money was received even after finding a bug in WhatsApp
META awarded a reward to Monika Aggarwal from Jaipur who discovered a bug in WhatsApp. Actually there was a bug in WhatsApp. Because of this, the Last Sin was visible to those people. Who were excluded from the list of users. Monica had informed Meta about this. The company had given Monika Rs 1.2 lakh as a reward.

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