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This Bluetooth speaker-like device will fill your car’s tire air in minutes


  • This device is of mobile size
  • Fills tire air in minutes
  • Its price is very affordable

If you are going somewhere by car with your family and the air pressure of the car tire gets low in a secluded area, then if the car is not taken to the mechanic immediately, then its tire can also get punctured. It’s rare in a deserted area when you can easily find a mechanic. If you get stuck in an area where there is a danger of thieves, then the problem increases even more. In such a situation, what kind of gadget have we brought for you today, which is the size of a smartphone, but it will fill the air of your car tire in minutes and you will not even know.

Mi 145 psi Portable Electric Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike in Amazon

Mi 145 psi Portable Electric Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike You must carry with your car. It is so small in size that it fits in your pocket too. It looks like a bluetooth speaker but is actually an air compressor. If the air in your car tire runs low on the way, you can fill it completely within minutes without wasting any time. This device saves you from having to go to the mechanic. It has a nozzle with a wall attached to it that fits snugly to the tire of your car.

Once this pump is fitted to your car tire, you can start releasing air pressure from it and it will inflate the air in your car tire within minutes.

It also has an LCD display in which you can check the tire pressure of the car, as well as you also get a control button in it, so that you can control its activity.

Let us tell you that there is a battery in this device, which you can also charge with the help of USB charger. It is a 12 thousand mAh lithium-ion battery, thanks to which you can fill air in the car tire when needed.

If we talk about the price of the device, then its original price has been kept at Rs 3499, but a bumper discount of about 28 percent is being given on it, after which you can get it for Rs 2499 on Amazon. With the help of this air pump, you can maintain air pressure in many other things including cars and bikes.

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