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This balm making company made its investors rich, got this much return on 1 lakh

Multibagger Stocks: Emami Limited, a consumer product ie FMCG company, has made its investors millionaires. Shares of Emami Limited have proved to be Multibagger Stocks in the stock market. Due to the tremendous rise in the shares, the company has announced a dividend of more than 400 percent to the investors in the last quarter between July and September. Emami shares have given strong returns to its investors over a long period of time. Please tell that the market cap of the company is Rs 20,511 crore. Let us tell you how this stock has proved to be a multibagger for its investors.

The fall in the stock recorded in the last one year
Let us tell you that there has been a decline in the shares of Emami Limited in the last one year. These shares have fallen by 13.35 per cent in a year. On the other hand, talking about the last 6 months, a boom is being seen in these stocks. In such a situation, tremendous growth was seen in these stocks in the month of July-September. For this reason, the company had announced to give dividend to all its share holders. The company has given this information in the exchange filing in the stock market that instead of the face value of the share of Re 1, you have declared a dividend of Rs 4 per share.

The stock proved to be a multibagger in the long term.
On the other hand, the stock of Emami Limited Shares has proved to be a very profitable deal for its investors in the long term. Company SEAL was listed on Bombay Stock Exchange in 2002. At that time this share was at Rs.5. On the other hand, if we talk about 16 November 2022, then this share has reached close to 450. It is trending at 446 on Wednesday. If you had invested Rs 2 lakh in this share 20 years ago, it would have increased to Rs 98 lakh today. In such a situation, this stock has made its investors millionaires in the long term.

Know the details of the company
Emami Limited is a consumer based product manufacturing company which comes under FMCG category. This company manufactures products like Zandu Balm, Navratna, Fair and Handsome, Kesh King etc. The company had released its quarterly results in September, in which it was told that in the second quarter of this financial year, there has been a net sale of 807.36 crores. At the same time last year, the sales of the company stood at Rs 777.1 crore. In such a situation, an increase of about 4 percent has been recorded in the sales of the company in a year. On the other hand, if we talk about net profit, it has been Rs 184.18 crore.

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