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This Atrangi RO will chill water in 3 seconds, this new machine from Xiaomi will fill the water bottle itself

New Delhi. Everyone gets RO fitted in the house, but many times one has to go from RO to fill water again and again. Also, after installing RO, you have to change the filter again and again. Sometimes the problem starts due to changing the filter frequently. Xiaomi has come up with a new machine for the people facing such problems.

MIJIA Desktop Drinking Machine Happy Edition has been launched in China. There are many specialties of this machine and because of these, this machine proves to be different. Pure Water Bottle Design is available in this. Signal-Core Filtration Process is also given in this. The water coming out of the RO machine will be Antibacterial and RO Reverse Osmosis Filter Element.

Now let’s talk about that feature which is being discussed a lot i.e. filter. The Xiaomi RO gets a 6-in-1 composite filter element, which you need to replace once in a year. The new Desktop Drinking Machine has Heating Technology which makes water hot or cold in just 3 seconds. That is, a completely new technology has been used in it.

The company has also launched Mijia App to operate the machine. Several modes are also available for Milk Preparation, Normal Temperature and Water Heating. Also, the temperature of this machine is set in just one click. Mijia App can also be used for Child Lock Function.

Looking at the security at home, Xiaomi has also given many other options. The price of this machine in China has been fixed at 1,499 yuan (Rs 18,000). While the price of its filter has been fixed at 299 yuan (Rs 3525). Nothing has been told about its launch in India.

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