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This American company is generating electricity from ‘coal ash’ for bitcoin mining

Cryptocurrency mining consumes huge amounts of electricity, which is a major concern for governments around the world. In recent months, many countries have had to deal with power crisis because of this. After this, the governments there took strict decisions regarding crypto mining. The people of Svaneti city of Georgia were administered a sacred oath so that they would not do crypto mining. Action was taken against crypto miners in Irkutsk region of Russia and Kazakhstan. However, there are some examples who are using other alternatives to crypto mining.

Stronghold Digital Mining, a cryptocurrency mining company based in Pennsylvania, USA, uses coal waste to power hundreds of its supercomputers. The company aims to use a byproduct without harming the US National Energy Network.

the cryptopotato Report We have reported that Stronghold Digital Mining has found an alternative way to generate electricity for its operations. The company generates electricity using coal ash left over from decades-old power plants. It is collected from a nearby mine in Pennsylvania. After being processed, the ash is delivered to a byproduct boiler building, where it is used to generate electricity and that electricity is transmitted to hundreds of supercomputers for cryptocurrency mining.

The company’s effort has also helped prevent coal ash from reaching the population of Pennsylvania. Significantly, if coal ash is not isolated, it can mix into ground water and increase pollution. Coal ash contains heavy metals, which are known to be carcinogenic.

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In this regard, the company’s Chief Executive Officer Greg Beard said that the bitcoin mining network is the largest decentralized computer network in the world. It consumes a lot of electricity. That’s why finding the right power plant for bitcoin mining makes a lot of sense.

The initiative of ‘Stronghold Digital Mining’ regarding bitcoin mining is good. But not everyone is doing this. Earlier this year, eight US lawmakers asked bitcoin mining companies to specify how much electricity they use. Letters were sent to 6 companies. Companies were asked how much electricity they use. Where does that electricity come from and what are the companies planning to increase power generation.


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