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This amazing trick of WhatsApp will make you have fun! No one will be able to see Profile Photo without your consent

WhatsApp provides all the necessary features to the users to maintain the privacy of its users. This is the reason why the users of WhatsApp are very loyal to this app. On WhatsApp, users share a lot related to their life, so many times they want their private things to be seen by only a few special people. It is quite common to put a display photo or profile photo on WhatsApp, but many people want that their profile photo is not visible to everyone and it should be visible only to their special ones. So let me tell you that it is possible to do this, you can only show your photo to the people you want. With this you can use any photo of your choice without any worry. Let me tell you how. 

How to Hide Profile Picture on WhatsApp 
– First of all open WhatsApp and go to Settings.

Click on Account and then click on Privacy.

– Now, tap on Profile Photo.

In the default setting on WhatsApp, everyone is allowed to see your profile photo.

– If you want to see your photo only people whose number is saved in your phone then you change this setting in My Contact. 

– Select No One if you don’t want anyone to see it. This will hide your picture for everyone on WhatsApp.

– Once your profile photo is hidden, the people who are sending you messages will see a gray color photo in the DP. 

Benefits of hiding photos on WhatsApp 
Your WhatsApp profile picture can be easily seen by all WhatsApp users and if it is not hidden then it can also be saved by taking a screenshot. Apart from family and friends, you may have also spoken to some people on WhatsApp who are not in your contact list. If your profile picture is not hidden, anyone can see it and save it. 

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