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This airplane was a hotel flying in the air, it could travel 3 thousand people

A vehicle the size of a footwall ground, which can carry 3,000 people, tanks, soldiers, etc. from one place to another in minutes and above all it flies in the air, can you easily believe it? Perhaps this would be difficult for many people to do. However, efforts were being made to make this dream come true for many years. We are talking about the Aerocon Wingship, which is a huge aircraft concept. This aircraft was designed to carry 3 thousand people, tanks, soldiers etc.

of DailyStar accordingThe US government provided funding for the design of a new 566-feet long aircraft, the Aerocon Wingship, as a one-time experiment. The government wanted an aircraft that could move thousands of soldiers, tanks, or military related items from one place to another as quickly as possible. Reports suggest that powered by 20 rocket engines, the plane is twice as big as a jumbo jet, which will be capable of flying at speeds of up to 460mph (around 740kmph). If it is ready, it will be able to carry 3,000 people across the Atlantic with a record speed.

The US military reportedly spent around $15 billion (about Rs 1.20 lakh crore) on about 13 aircraft to transport military vehicles and troops across the ocean.

The project was started by American inventor Steven Hooker, who thought that he would travel the Atlantic on this plane for 60 pounds (about 5,500 rupees) per ticket.

The report states that when the ‘Wingship’ was designed, US Lt. Col. Michael F. Francis stated that “we have never built anything on this scale, so we need to learn more about the physics and aerodynamics associated with it”. Will happen.” However, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) shunned it in the 90s, terming the Aerocon Wingship project a ‘technical risk’.

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