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Third dose of UK coronavirus vaccine helps fight Omicron strain

A study was conducted with the participation of 61 volunteers: 40 of them received three doses of Vaxzevria, and the remaining 21 people received three doses of the American Pfizer vaccine and the German BioNTech. The aim of the study was to find out if three doses of AstraZeneca would be helpful against the Omicron strain.

The results confirmed this assumption: the titers of antibodies capable of fighting Omicron increased after the booster dose. The amount of antibodies was several times higher than their level after vaccination with two doses. Moreover, the antibody titer was higher in people who received the booster dose than in people who had previously recovered from infection with all late strains and the original variant of coronavirus.

“Serum obtained from patients a month after receiving the third, booster dose of the vaccine, neutralized the omicron strain at a level that was broadly consistent with that observed after taking the second dose from the delta variant,” the vaccine developer said.

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Other vaccines have also been shown to be highly effective.


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