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They came forward, met and then five bullets pierced them in quick succession… see how Slovakia’s PM was attacked.

Slovakia PM Robert Fico Attack Video: There was a major lapse in the security of Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico on Thursday (May 16, 2024) when he was fatally attacked. The attacker, hiding among the small group, shot at him five times with a licensed gun. During the attack, the Slovak PM was shot in the stomach and after this his security personnel immediately came into action mode. They were seen doing rescue from there with full agility and promptness.

The video related to the rescue of Robert Fico has surfaced on social media. In this 22-second clip shared by the handle @nexta_tv on ‘X’ (first on Twitter), amid the chaos, security guards were seen pretending to be angels and taking away PM Robert Fico from there. Two security personnel were holding the injured PM for support, while two a little further behind were giving him cover so that no one could fire at him. Apart from these four security personnel, there were other guards also, who were seen maintaining a security cordon.

The Slovakian PM was immediately seated in the car by the security guards and he went straight to the hospital from there. When they were leaving from there, the people present there looked quite surprised and troubled. There were many women and elderly people on the spot, who were praying for the safety of Robert Fico. See what happened during the incident:

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