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These two things kept at home will make the washing machine sparkle, clothes will also start smelling.

Washing machine is a very important thing for home. To ensure that clothes are washed cleanly, it is important to maintain the washing machine on time. Imagine, if the washing machine breaks down, you will have to wash all the clothes by hand, which is a very laborious task. If the washing machine is not cleaned, then within a few days soap and softener get accumulated in the box where the detergent is put, and we are not able to see them.

Apart from this, due to continuous washing of clothes and wetness, mold can also grow inside the lid of the washer. Therefore, it is important to keep cleaning the drum of the washing machine from time to time.

Right after using the washing machine, we close its lid, and that is why often the smell starts due to moisture. Although its treatment is quite easy. You can make your washing machine shine and smell good with the help of baking soda and vinegar kept in your kitchen.

This is the easy way
For this, first of all you can use baking soda and water. You have to mix ¼ cup baking soda in ¼ cup water. Pour this solution into the detergent container of your machine. Then once you have mixed the baking soda solution and vinegar, run the machine on a regular cycle. For this, not just spin or rinse, but a full cycle setting will have to be used.

Keep in mind that you should never mix vinegar with other cleaning solutions, such as bleach, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide. Some of these mixtures can produce dangerous fumes when mixed together and can be hazardous to health. Apart from this, you also have to take care that whatever solution you are putting in the drum, clean it thoroughly.


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