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These Top 10 Low Price Cryptocurrencies Can Make You Rich In 2022!

Tether is counted among the most stable coins. This coin is the first choice for investors who want to invest in stable tokens.

Cryptocurrencies are tightening their grip around the world. It has also got legal recognition in many parts of the world. So it is wooing investors. There are thousands of digital currencies in the cryptocurrency market and their number is continuously increasing. This makes it difficult to decide which cryptocurrency to invest in so as to get higher returns with less risk. Today we are telling you about 10 such cryptocurrencies that can give you manifold returns in 2022. 

1. Polygon
Polygon is a well-built platform that is easy to use for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its main component is the Polygon SDK. It is a modular and flexible framework. Through which many types of applications can be created. It successfully turns Ethereum into a complete multichain system. Along with this, it also gives security, better ecosystem and openness. 

2. Dogecoin
Dogecoin is a meme token and it is the biggest rival of Shiba Inu. It is the first investment choice for tech giant Elon Musk. It is based on memes like Shiba Inu. In 2021, this coin made its reputation and became quite popular among investors. Although it has suffered a lot in the last few months, but this coin can be expected that soon it will again live up to the expectations of the investors. 

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain that is an open source project. It is based on cryptocurrency research. It has been created by a variety of experts, including engineers, mathematicians and cryptography experts. 

4. Tether
This is a stable coin. This coin is the first choice for investors who want to invest in stable tokens. This can be used to hold money on exchanges, especially at times when the trader feels that the market is at risk. Tether has maintained modest gains even in the midst of Russia-Ukraine tensions, indicating that it can prove to be a reliable coin even in difficult times like the economic crisis. 

5. XRP
XRP is an open source cryptocurrency that uses an open source distributed ledger facility called the XRP ledger. It is the core coin of Ripple through which global transactions are possible. Its creators claim that it was built to enable faster and more secure payments and transactions than other cryptocurrencies. 

6. Lucky Block
Lucky Block is a new cryptocurrency that brings the vision of a lottery to players on a global scale through a blockchain protocol. It operates on Binance Smart Chain. The purpose of this cryptocurrency is to bring transparency and fairness to gaming, creating a lottery where, every player will have a winning probability. At the same time, it provides a solid investment strategy for token holders. 

7. EOS
EOS is a platform that allows developers to build decentralized applications. The goal of this project is quite straightforward as it makes the operation as clear as possible for programmers to work on blockchain technology optimally. This ensures that its network is easier to use than other networks. 

8. VeChain
According to crypto experts, VeChain is the most affordable cryptocurrency with huge potential for growth. It uses distributed governance and IoT technology. To create an ecosystem that can remove data barriers for global industries ranging from medical to energy, food and beverage.

9. Shiba Inu
Like Dodgecoin, the Shiba Inu has also emerged as the top cryptocurrency. The community made its NFT project in 2021, which attracted more investors towards it. To make it more widely adopted globally, the Shiba Inu team also started a SHIB themed restaurant. This makes people aware of the presence of the Shiba Inu which attracts new investors. 

10. Axie Infinity
This is a blockchain based trading and betting game. It is also partially operated by its players. It gives players the opportunity to collect, raise, wager, and fight token-based creatures called axies. It is quite unique in itself and for this reason its price has increased a lot in a short time.

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