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These sleeping positions are dangerous.

According to the expert, it is most dangerous to sleep on your side or on your back with a pillow under your head. This position provokes a misalignment of the pelvis and scoliosis, and can also change the bite and contribute to grinding the teeth.

So, for example, when a person sleeps on his side, his jaw “moves” to the side. This leads to grinding of the teeth, overexertion of the chewing muscles and the formation of “clicks” in the jaw.

The specialist does not recommend sleeping on your back without a pillow. In this case, the jaw seems to “fail”, which is why over time the face and bite change.

The expert named the most optimal sleeping position when a large pillow is used, on which you can lie with your back so that it grabs the lower back and goes to the head. In this case, the inclination of the body should be about 45 degrees.

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