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These shoes are better than smart watch for weight loss, they are connected to mobile, they help like this

New Delhi. Sports shoe manufacturers are constantly doing new experiments for fitness freaks. Similar experiment American company Under Armor (UA) has done. UA has launched new shoes. Now you must be wondering what is so special about these shoes. These are completely different from other companies as they will act as your personal trainer. Also, it will even tell you how many steps you have walked.

Shoes are connected to mobile

The company has also created an app for this. The name of this app is- UA MAPMYRUN. These shoes can be connected to that mobile app. After this it will keep an account of your every moment things. Along with this, from time to time it will also tell you how much workout you have to do. The company has named this special model – Under Armor Flow.

At present, the company has launched these shoes in Europe, America only. Soon they will be coming to India also. The company has also made them quite comfortable for better running experience. If you run slowly, it will also give you notification. Once you wear these shoes, they will also count your calories. This is the reason why the demand for these shoes in America is also very high. Nike has done the same experiment before.

Let us tell you, Under Armor has entered India from the year 2019. Earlier the company did not do business in India. Under Armor has also opened stores in many big cities. Although these shoes are not present here yet. Very soon the company is going to introduce these shoes in its store. In the US, they cost 160 US dollars.

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